Here is my experience and review of Zoo 2 after downloading it and playing it for over 2 months.

Zoo 2 Animal Park MMO Game Experience and Review

By Braineez    Posted on Jan 3, 2020

You may have read the previous Zoo 2 article on how to play it and hopefully you are enjoying the game as much as I am. After playing the game to write a full review article, I never thought that I would become so obsessed with it that I just had to download it on my phone and play it pretty much every single day. I have never loved a game as much as Zoo 2 and if you haven't already started playing it, then you are losing out!

Now I've been playing Zoo 2 for over 2 months now and I thought I would give you guys another review and my experience on playing the game. Does the game get boring after a while, are there exciting challenges, well I guess you are just going to have to keep on reading to find out.

Some games are amazing when you play on mobile and then it's not as great on PC and vise versa. I can officially say its not the case with Zoo 2. The game is amazing on both the devices and the graphics don't differ making the game look perfect on mobile as it does on PC. While some challenges may differ on mobile to PC, all the challenges and tasks are fun and in the end, you gain more scores to level and earn more money so that you can continue to grow your zoo.

One thing that I have found with Zoo 2 is that it rewards its players and goes with the theme of the season or public holiday. For example, the festive jolly season of Christmas has passed and Zoo 2 had some amazing Christmas decorations that helped you earn more snowflake points every hour or so with the end goal being enough snowflakes to buy a snow leopard and more. Not only did they have those incentives but a countdown advent calender that you unlocked every day to receive rewards or gift of some sort. Its things like this that keep the player coming back every day to see what reward they will unlock and redeem. It makes the player feel valuable and a part of that game's community.

So far this is my favorite MMO game, playing Zoo 2 with friends has made it so much fun as whenever we level up you get to choose a puzzle piece out of 3 options to redeem, we would message each other to see if any of us need one of those pieces and which one we would all like. Helping out friends in the game and being rewarded at the same time is cool and every day you log on eager to see what you are going to collect that day. 

Zoo 2 is constant with their rewards, challenges and making it a game that you feel like you are getting something out of it instead of having to fork out for in-app purchases, which we all know most apps do in order for you to actually get somewhere in the game. Overall my experience and review of Zoo 2 is great and I will continue to play it every day until I have finished the whole game.