Race through traffic to complete your task and win the race. Challenge your Friends, enter the Tournaments and Win great Prizes! Pick up power-ups to assist you in winning the race. The power-ups help speed you up, slow down the other racers or put traps

Turbo Chase The Best New Racing Game

By Braineez    Posted on Jul 9, 2020

The best new racing game is here and this is going to be your favorite game yet! Race through traffic to complete your tasks and win the races. Challenge your friends, enter the Tournaments and pimp out your car to be the best! 

The game features colorful, eye-catching visuals and will have you thinking you are the best driver ever. Pick up power-ups to assist you in winning the race. The power-ups help speed you up, slow down the other racers or put traps behind you to make it harder for other racers to catch you. Avoid hitting traffic as they will slow you down.

How To Play Turbo Chase

Firstly, you need to be logged in and registered on the site. Then go to downloads or search for "Turbo Chase" and click download. Once the game has been downloaded, the fun will then begin! Once the app is open the QYKPin will automatically be filled in that is linked to your profile on the site, click "Connect" and all your profile information will be there. Once you all set up, you ready to have fun playing this cool challenging game. When the game opens, an information panel will pop up with some useful tips to help you navigate the game, challenge others and become the best player. Each character has their own car that is different to each other and with that they have different strengths and weaknesses. Use the arrow on the left and right side of the player to change and see all the other different characters with their car.  

To see the different strengths and weaknesses of each car, tap on the "Garage" button. Here you will see their speed, acceleration and transformation time. You can upgrade your player's car, but you need to earn or purchase coins and diamonds. Once you have chosen the player you want to race with, click on the "Play" button. To control and steer your car side to side, use the arrows located at the bottom of the left and right-hand side of the screen. In 3...2...1 the game has begun, collect as many coins, pickups and powerups as you can. Along the way you will see floating boxes with a question mark on them. These boxes contain different power-ups that you can use during your race. Every time you get a powerup you will see the icon brighten up above the right-hand steering arrow. To use your powerup, tap on it and it will automatically kick in. Some of the powerups include superspeed, rocket launcher, car transformation and more. Your position in the race is shown on the right-hand side of your screen near the top. It will constantly change throughout the race if you fall behind or continue to power in front of all the others.

Once the race has finished, the rankings will pop up and you can see where you placed in the race and what your time was. You will be rewarded a star and you get to level up. Unlock treasure chests to see what goodies you can use to make you the best and fastest player. The game consists of many levels that you try to reach by playing against other players to get stars, coins, diamonds and lightning bolts. To compete against other players, tap on the "Compete" button. If there is an existing tournament running, you can tap on it and participate. For in-app purchases tap on the plus button at the end of the top bar by the diamond and heart coin. The shop will then pop-up and there you can purchase coins, jewels and different value chests that will boost your player's profile and strengths.

The 4 main icons where you can access mostly all your activity and cool prizes are, Bonus, Tasks, Compete and Leaderboard. In the icon "Bonus", there are cool ways in which you can win jewels, coins props and more. Spin the wheel of fortune or smash the golden egg to give your character and their car that extra boost. To view all your achievements and daily tasks that you can do, tap on the "Tasks" icon. For some of that competitiveness in you, tap on the "Leaderboard" icon to see where you are ranked amongst the other players and tap on the "Compete" icon to race your competitors.

Overall Turbo Chase is one of my favorite games that is so much fun. A simple yet fun game that will keep you entertained for hours on end and can be played and enjoyed by both young and old.  Release your inner race car driver and challenge friends and family to see who has the better skills. Turbo Chase is so much fun and I know you will love it just as much as I do. So now that you've finished reading the article, there's only one thing left to do. Download Turbo Chase now and have an endless amount of fun at the end of your fingertips! 

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