Your new favorite Infinity Runner is here! Subway dash is a fun game that will have you hooked for hours on end. Go on an adventure with Max and his friends as they run through different cities and places.

Subway Dash Your New Favorite Infinity Runner Game

By Braineez    Posted on May 12, 2020

Your new favorite Infinity Runner is here! Subway Dash is a fun game that will have you hooked for hours on end. Go on an adventure with Max and his friends as they run through different cities and places.

Subway Dash is a classic endless runner with a multiplayer feature, compete against your friends in real-time in this super exciting and fun game. The game consists of really cool graphics across multiple levels. In Subway Dash you need to try escape from the burly transit security guard. You'll need to dodge trains, buses, obstacles, and more while collecting coins to unlock in-game power-ups in order to go as far as you can in this endless running game. 

How To Play Subway Dash

First you need to be logged in and registered on the site. Then go to downloads or search for "Subway Dash" and click download. Once the game has been downloaded, the fun will then begin! Once the app is open the QYKPin will automatically be filled in that is linked to your profile on the site, click "Connect" and all your profile information will be there. The next time you open the app, tap on login and fill in your profile details. Once you have done that you will then be taken to the main page where you can play the game. To change or choose a new player, tap on "Hero" where you can see all the different characters you can play as. To view and change your hoverboard, tap on "Hoverboard". Once you have decided on your payer, tap on play. 

When the game starts you will see that you are being chased by a security guard, try outrun him by dodging the oncoming trains, caution signs and all obstacles in your way. Collect as many coins as you can and the pickups along your way. Run your way through the city, the beach and Egypt! But how do I get to those levels you may ask. Well, when you see a bunch of ballons, make sure to catch them and you will float up into the sky and be dropped in another level of fun. You've got to be and think quickly in order to dodge the trains coming your way. To move left and right, swipe on the screen in the direction you want your character to go. To jump and slide under the chevron signs, swipe down to slide and swipe up to jump. When you see a treasure box do whatever you can to get it as you may get some great bonuses and a key! Keys are hard to come by unless you purchase it in-game. Keys are valuable as when you crash into something in the game, the game will be over but with a key, you can unlock your current run and continue playing.

When you've crashed into something, your character will smash into your phone screen! You can then see how well you did on your run with your score and how many coins you were able to collect. To view the leaderboard with all the other players scores, tap on "Leaderboard". To go back to the home screen, tap on the house button. There you will be able to change settings, join tournaments, purchase in-game bonuses at the shop, credits and more. Click on the Settings icon to change your language, music, sound and effects and click on the exit button to close the tab. To enter tournaments, buy credits and purchase other items in the shop, click on the "Menu" button. A tab will then pop up where you will click on the category you want to go into. Click on "Shop" to see what you can buy with credits and what items you can upgrade. To view all active tournaments, go into tournaments and enter one. "My Tournaments" is where you can view all the tournaments that you have entered. 

Overall Subway Dash is my favorite infinity runner game that is so much fun. I constantly challenge myself to beat my previous score and go further than I did in the run before. I love the fact that I can chop and change between the characters I want to play as and what hoverboard I want to use. The freedom of just playing or entering tournaments and challenging fellow players and friends is just great. Subway Dash is so much fun and I know you will love it just as much as I do. So now that you've finished reading the article, there's only one thing left to do. Download Subway Dash now and have an endless amount of fun at the end of your fingertips! 

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