Welcome to Dewdrop Farm, it's a beautiful morning and the animals are all awake from Mr Yellow Sun rising. 

On the Farm Colour Recognition Story

By Busy Kiddo    Posted on Jul 24, 2020

Welcome to Dewdrop Farm, it's a beautiful morning and the animals are all awake from Mr Yellow Sun rising. 

Meet Farmer Tim, he looks after Dewdrop Farm and all the animals on it too. Every morning Farmer Tim wakes up, puts on his Blue dungaree and his Brown hat with a Red stripe, ready for the day ahead. Farmer Tim enjoys preparing all of the food for the animals in the morning. One of his favourite things to do is to pick fresh Red Apples. An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away so he loves Apples!

Daisy the Black and White Cow is so friendly and she loves to graze on the Green grass. She wears a Yellow bell around her neck so that Farmer Tim can find her when she wanders too far on Dewdrop Farm. Daisy the Cow loves to explore! Do you?

This is Ben the Brown Horse, he loves to sleep in the big Red Barn at night with all of the other farm animals. His best friend is Penny the Pig who you are going to meet soon!

This is Sally the Sheep, how beautiful is her White fleece covering her body, it looks so warm. She has great big Blue eyes and always has a smile on her face. Sally also loves to wander around the Farm with Daisy the Cow, they are best friends! 

Here is Penny the Pink Pig, Ben the Horse's best friend, do you remember? Penny loves to roll around in the Brown mud, she ends up the same colour as Ben the Horse from all the mud that covers her some days. She loves to have fun all the time! What do you like to do for fun?

This is Danny the Yellow Duckling, she spends her days waddling around Dewdrop Farm and splashing around in the big Blue pond. What colour is Danny the Duck's eyes? They are Blue just like the water in the pond. 

Meet Gerry the Donkey, he is Grey and loves to sleep all day! Gerry only wakes up when it is time to eat, can you see that smile on his face? He gets so excited when Farmer Tim brings him food in the mornings.

As the sun starts to set on Dewdrop Farm, the animals get ready for a good night's rest after a fun day.  

Thank you for joining us on a fun farm colour discovery story! Look out for some more stories.

Until next time,