Tinbo has a new game called Tinbo Tales and he has 5 new friends joining them. Meet Tinbos new friends and see what they are all about.

Meet The Tinbo Tales Characters

By Braineez    Posted on Jul 24, 2019

Just like we said, our little Robo-box Tinbo is on a new adventure with his really cool new game Tinbo Tales and he's brought some friends along! Tinbo Tales is a fun stacking game where you can unlock and play as Tinbos 5 new friends! So who are Tinbos new friends you ask, well let me just tell you they are all completely different from one another. Some are creepy, mad, scary, cheerful, wild and just plain out of this world.

So what are we waiting for, let's meet the gang.


There's no need to explain who Tinbo is because he's the Robo-box we all know and love. The star of the Tinbo series, but now he's brought some friends along with him! Tinbo is a kind, cool, steampunk robo character that is always up for an adventure. He's been really busy as he's already working on his 5th game. 

Tinbilly Bob

Straight out of the Wild West, Tinbilly Bob is made for challenges. With that perfect mustache, there's no doubt he's seen and been through many things. Tinbilly is the perfect combination of a wise and southern gentleman but an outlaw when he needs to be. Tinbilly likes to ride horses, sip on moonshine in the scorching heat and keep an eye out for any outlanders wandering into town. He's a standup kind of cowboy and best of buds with Tinbo.


He's only got half a brain, but he's clever enough to know that he loves to eat brains. With a few cracks here and there and only one hand, he's a pretty harmless monster, but don't say the word monster as he's still got a heart and it hurts his feelings. Tinbrains is all about that Halloween life, but he's got some normal friends too. While most of his vocabulary consists of "Tinbrains is hungry" and "Tinbrains wants brains" he's a pretty fun guy and always ready to paint the town green.


Is that jingle bells I hear? Yes, it is cause Tinclause is in town and he's left the reindeers at home with the elves. Who would have thought Tinclause would be friends with some good and bad, I guess the saying is true, it's always better to know someone because we all know Tinbrains and Finklestein are not getting coal this Christmas. So what can I tell you about Tinclause, he loves waking up during the night to eat cookies and washes it down with a large glass of milk. They say he has a funny laugh, "Ho Ho Ho I don't know what you guys mean though." says Tinclause.


He's out of this world and suited up for any adventure. Whether it be on earth or out of space, Astrobot is an explorer. He loves long walks on the moon, meeting new aliens and space meals are for sure his favorite. What can I say, he's a pretty ordinary guy that loves the finer things in life, oh and won't go anywhere without his space suit on because everyone must know that he's an astronaut. Apparently, he says it's a chick magnet, although fridge magnets stick to him too. 


Some might say he's a scientist but many say he's 100% mad! Don't let the purple gloves fool you because Dr. Finklestein has a dark side. While science is his main major, he's taken classes in weird, creepy and mad. As you can see Finklestein isn't your typical scientist, with eyeballs and jars of mysterious liquid, your going to have to keep your eye on this scientist. His favorite colors are purple and green with white of course but take those away from him and you might become a corpse.

All of Tinbos new friends come from different walks of life, but together they make a great group and love each and everyone's different personalities. So join Tinbo and his friends in Tinbo Tales as they try to jump as high as they can in this fun stacking game. Are you ready for Tinbos new game with his friends?! Some more exciting news is that Tinbo has his own site. Yes, that's correct, head over to www.tinbo.co to play all of Tinbo's awesome games.

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