Packing your hospital bag to welcome your little bundle can feel daunting. We have you covered.

Mama Kay's Hospital Checklist for Mom & Baby

By Mama Kay    Posted on May 13, 2020

Preparing for your baby can be such an exciting feeling. What more could one look forward to more than the first meeting with your child? The child you carried and nurtured for months to prepare for this day.

That first cry, the first time you can finally touch this little human being you created. I can remember both my pregnancies clearly, My first was a bit of an uphill battle, I didn't get it easy the first time around. My second pregnancy had its ups and downs but I enjoyed being pregnant the second time. Maybe because it was a feeling of knowing? I had done it once and although the second time around is nowhere near the same, it's still familiar. You aren't so paranoid, you have a better perspective on what's to come.

But along with all the feelings of joy come feelings of uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed. You have some little time yet so much you need to prepare.

Don't let the idea of packing your hospital delay you packing those bags. We know it's a lot to remember. We have yours and Babies hospital bags covered. Below is a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything or find yourself feeling overwhelmed when preparing for the arrival of your little one.


 ID Book/Card, Documentation from
your doctor, Medical Aid Card
 Birth Plan
 Gown
 Slipper s
 Lip balm
 Body Lotion/oil
 X3 Button-Down night dresses
 X5 Maternity Panties
 X1 Pack of maternity pads
 Socks
Maternity Bra
 Breast Pads
 Shampoo & Conditioner
 Shower Gel
 Hairbrush
 Hair elastics/clips
 Skincare Products
 Glasses/contact lenses
 Sponge/ Facecloth
 Charger
 Adapter
 Going Home clothes
 Snacks, drinks, and water
 Nipple Cream
 Pillow

 X3 Beanies
 X6 Baby Grows
 X6 Vests
 X3 Pairs of socks
 X2 Fleece Blankets
 X2 Cotton Blankets
 Going home outfit
 Car Chair
 Pack of Newborn Nappies
 Pack of wet wipes/cotton balls
 Face cloth
 Bum Cream
 Breastfeeding pillow
 2 Nappy Towels (“Spoeg Doek”)
 Baby wash (Optional Delayed Bath has great benefits)
 Baby Bottle (Optional Breast is Best)
 Dummy Sterilizing spray (optional)

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