Hop on over and join in on the fun. Let's make our own bunny.

Make Your own Bunny

By Kids Worx    Posted on Jun 4, 2020

Hip Hop Hooray!

What a wonderful day.


Can you guess what we are making today?

It's small and fluffy and loves to munch on carrots...

1  2  3  and...... Guess 

That's right!

It's a BUNNY

Before we start off our video let's learn a little bit about Bunnies 

Did You Know?

A bunny is also known as a Bunny Rabbit or Rabbit

A female rabbit is known as a Doe.

A male rabbit is known as a Buck.

A young rabbit is known as a Kitten.

Rabbits greet each other by rubbing their heads together.

They have 28 teeth that never stop growing.

Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open.

Rabbits can carry 2 litters of babies.

Interesting isn't it? We thought so too.

Now let's make our own Bunny.

What you will need:


Are you ready? Let's Go...



Good Job Champ!

We hope you enjoyed making your Bunny just as much as we did.

Until next time,

Kids Worx