Join in on the fun and let's paint a tree,

Let's Make A Tree

By Kids Worx    Posted on Jun 4, 2020


Join in on the fun and let's discover some facts and paint a Tree.

Did you know?

Tree's Help slow and filter the rainwater.

Tree's are held up by a big long stem called a "Trunk".

Shade trees that are directly over a house or an office building can reduce the temperature for up to 20 Degrees.

California, United States of America holds the record for the world's oldest trees.

A tree is the oldest living organism on Earth.

Once a tree has been cut, the round circles on the stump can indicate the age of the tree, as well as any environmental changes.



What you will need:



It's time to explore your imagination, there is no right or wrong way to paint your tree, it is all about your imagination and your interpretation.


Good Job Champ!


We hope you enjoyed learning some fun facts about trees and painting your own tree.

Until next time,

Kids Worx