Discover the world of Beans!

Let's grow some Beans!

By Mama Kay    Posted on May 15, 2020

We as a family love gardening, its tranquil and therapeutic as well as rewarding when it's all done. We usually do our gardening on a Sunday morning and make it a family affair. 

My eldest has a kind of respect for nature that most don't come close to. She speaks to the snails and sings with the birds, she helps Ants out of puddles and admires flowers and plants as if they were diamonds. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all saw nature through her eyes? What a wonderful world it would be.

We decided to do some research into the planting process of Beans. and got all our tools together to complete our bean planting project



What you'll need:

1 Egg tray

Cotton wool


1/2 Cup Raw beans

Glass Jar


How to:

Add 1/2 Cup raw beans to your jar

Fill the jar with 1/8 cup water

Leave it for 2 days to start sprouting and opening.


2 Days Later:

Fill each hole in the egg carton with 1 Teaspoon of soil

Soak the cotton wool in some water to absorb the water

Add 2 Beans per hole in the Egg Carton that you have filled with soil

Cover each hole with wet cotton wool

Allow the growth process to begin.

Water every second day with a small amount of water


Once your tree/trees' are big, transplant them into the ground or a big pot.


Watch your Bean Tree grow!


Below is the Bean Life Cycle

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Get creative! and most importantly have FUN!

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