Join in on a fun game of straw soccer and a history lesson on the soccer ball.

It's Goal Time

By Mama Kay    Posted on Jun 30, 2020

Are you ready for a game of Soccer?

We are going to change it up a little bit though...

We are going to play Straw Soccer.

But first, we are going to learn a little bit about the game of Soccer and the history of the soccer ball.

Soccer Fun Facts

The ball came about in ancient times, around 255 BC-220 AD, it was used by the Chinese in a game called 'tsu chu'.

The soccer ball has 32 panels, each one represents a country in Europe.

Wicker baskets were first used for soccer nets.

The green field that soccer is played on is known as a Pitch.

A size 5 soccer ball should weigh between 420g-450g.

The first black and white soccer ball, used in the World cup in Mexico, came about in 1970.

A full game of soccer is 90 Minutes long, the game is split into two halves, each with a 45-minute playtime.


Let's play some Straw Soccer

I promise a game full of fun...

What you will need:

Click on this link to download the PDF Printable version of Straw Soccer

I hope you had fun playing Straw Soccer and learning some fun facts about Soccer.

With Love,