Being a Teacher, I never believed in screen time for children, I was one of the people that was very against it however while doing some research and coming to the realisation that the world around us is changing I came to a conclusion that online is the

How can Gaming be beneficial to a Child's Development?

By Busy Kiddo    Posted on Oct 20, 2020

Being a Teacher, I never believed in screen time for children, I was one of the people that was very against it however while doing some research and coming to the realisation that the world around us is changing I came to a conclusion that online is the future! During this pandemic, I was still teaching in the beginning and everything that we as Teachers were doing was, well online, from sending through activities to parents linked to online videos to other online resources. The whole world was doing this, not just schools but in businesses too which made a lot of us out there realise that this is where the future is leading too. Technology sure does have positives too!

I went a bit off track there and got carried away, back to the main reason for this article; 'How can Gaming be beneficial to a Child's Development?' I did a whole lot of research about online gaming and the benefits of it started to make a lot more sense to me. Games might be a fun activity but the best part is that they actually have a whole list of benefits for the developmental areas of a child! Children learn through play too and the information to follow backs this statement up pretty well.

Firstly, as I mentioned that gaming can be fun and create an environment of entertainment, with an adult's assistance and guidance, children can develop their creativity and improve strategical thinking while building on relationships with friends and family through play. Relationship building could be formed through communication between friends or family members that are playing the same game and engaging in conversation about the game; this is also developing social, communication and language skills. Strategical thinking can also be developed through playing games as this now creates a cognitive activity without it even being noticeable to the child. Strategic thinking is described as an intellectual and/or a thinking process which is now applied to achieving the goal/aim in the gameplay.

Learning and Development Skills

Developing early learning skills for the young child

  • With support from adults such as parents, grandparents, teachers, etc there have been studies that have shown that there are games that can help younger children better their reading skills.
  • Games are being used in school environments all the time as they can be great tools to help children learn in a more exciting way as they are learning through gameplay. What better way for a child to learn than when they are having fun?

Strengthening memory, brain speed and concentration

  • Engaging games that require problem-solving skills and strategical thinking to reach the goal of the game are essential to the player remembering and taking in information for gameplay.
  • Playing such games as mentioned above can be beneficial to a child's short term and long term memory as well as assisting the brain in processing information faster.
  • The imagination of a child is also expanded through them being immersed in the game which helps them to stay focused on the task at hand; increasing their concentration duration. 
  • Their determination to aim for a goal is also built through gameplay.

Improve multi-tasking skills

  • Having to find objects in the game while having to avoid objects or other opponents needs the use of attention to focus on the task at hand; again concentration skills are benefited here and quick reaction times are also needed.
  • It has been displayed that from playing these types of games, it can be beneficial to a child building their multi-tasking skills.

Shaping skills for a child's future work environment for their career

  • Multiplayer games that are a little bit more complicated and not as simple as others which assist in teaching children to be strategic and be logical in being able to recognise risk and reward which challenge them to react quickly to any changes that are happening throughout gameplay.
  • The skills built from these types of games can one day be useful in the big wide world; the real world! These skills can be carried with them throughout their lives and help them in the working environment with problem-solving, making logical decisions and thinking strategically.

Physical and Social Developmental Benefits

Group play is beneficial to social development

  • Gameplay with friends and family in multiplayer games or playing the same game can improve social skills from sharing experiences and discussion of the game, this also leads to building relationships with others.

Encourages teamwork and strengthens confidence

  • Playing multiplayer games can let children take on multiple roles throughout the gameplay. Taking on these roles can teach them to learn how to 'manage a team' if they are the leader, if they are not, this also allows them to work together as a group to win or reach for the goal of the game.
  • Sharing experiences from the game can be a great way for children to get together and learn from each other; building a child's confidence from communication and relating to others.

Encourage the development of empathy

  • There are various games that have been developed to assist children in controlling their emotions and motivate caring behaviour, understanding of others feelings and also empathy for those around them.

Allow a safe environment to speak about fears

  • It is said that sometimes it is easier to express one's troubles in a virtual setting rather than in a real-life setting as it can provide a 'safe' place for one to convey themselves.

Provides a way to experience stories

  • Creative skills can be sparked and encouraged by immersive games which can help children to experience stories in a more appealing way by the way that the storyline is set out throughout gameplay.

I hope that you found all of the above-mentioned benefits of gameplay as interesting as I did! There really are so many reasons as to why games have an advantage in the development of a child.

We have some great news for you to end off this article, we have a wide variety of games for your child or even the whole family to enjoy while still learning through play!

The games at can be beneficial and stimulate developmental areas of a child!

The games have developmental benefits such as:

  • Eye-hand coordination and multi-tasking skills; using hands to move objects on-screen while watching what is happening on the screen.
  • Quick reaction practice; avoiding obstacles, changing direction, etc.
  • Increasing the duration of concentration through focus during gameplay.
  • Strategical thinking; aiming for the goal of the game.
  • Stimulation of the imagination through the gameplay of different virtual worlds and characters.
  • Matching skills; gameplay of having to identify and match the same object.
  • Experiences change from the different settings and environments throughout gameplay.
  • Short-term and long-term memory stimulation; remembering a pattern that needs to be repeated, remembering where an object was in a matching game to be able to pair them together.

There is so much more to add to the list; head on over to the link mentioned above for endless fun gameplay from the wide variety of games for your child to experience with all the benefits that have been discussed above through playing and stimulating their developmental phases.

What are you waiting for? Let the fun learning begin!

Until next time,