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Crafty Butterfly

By Mama Kay    Posted on May 20, 2020

Have you also noticed the number of Butterflies that have made their presence during a lockdown? Here where we live, in a small town in Zululand, we have noticed the increase in Butterflies flying around. My girls love all things nature and well.... who doesn't love to spot a beautiful Butterfly? 

We used to see the odd one flying around every now and then but since most of the world has been in "isolation" we just keep seeing more and more each day. Maybe it's nature finally claiming back some territory, allowing for insects and animals to enjoy what was once only theirs. 

We used this opportunity to make our own Butterflies, after seeing all kinds of different species of Butterflies. We gathered up our craft box, huddled around the table, and got to work on our Butterflies. It was not only a learning opportunity but also an activity that can be done as a family. Some family bonding time is all one really needs some times. 

Join us and make your own Butterfly. 


What You'll Need:

Empty toilet roll


Craft pipe cleaners


Craft decorations



Build a Butterfly Crafts Needed

How To:

Paint/draw or color on the piece of paper.

Stencil the shape of Butterfly wings freehand, as big as you like, and in any shape or form.

Cut it out.

Stick it onto the Toilet roll

Poke two holes in the toilet roll at the top, next to each other, and put the pipe cleaners through to create the Feelers.

Decorate your Butterfly.

Get Creative but most importantly have FUN!

Below is the Life cycle of the Butterfly:


We hope you had fun doing this activity with us.

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With Love,