Let's take a trip around the world.

Countries of the World

By Mama Kay    Posted on Aug 17, 2020

Let's take a trip around the World...

Let's discovers some of the world's most well-known Countries

Did you know?

The world consists of 195 Countries.

The world has 195 different Flags.

Cuba and North Korea are the only countries in the world that don't sell Coca-Cola.

France is the world's most visited country.

Africa and Asia have the World's biggest rural population.

The blue bird used in the Twitter logo has a name. His name is Larry.

Charles Darwin invented office chairs with wheels.

If you put all the Ants in the world together, they would all weigh the same as one average weighted adult.

70% of the Earth's surface is water.

Los Angeles is big enough to fit the entire World's population.

Royal Families are still around in 43 different countries.

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I hope you enjoyed travelling around the world with me...

With Love,