How to

How to Register: Click register on the login panel and fill in the necessary details.

How to register

How to play games: You can either search for a game or go to the Play Games tab and select the category you want to play. Click “Play” to play the game or “Info” to view the game info then click "Play" on the game info page to play the game.

How to play games

Buy Membership: To buy Membership, you must be logged in. Click on Profile on the login panel or open the menu and select "Membership". Then click on the "Get Membership" button. You can either buy the standard package or choose the package you want to buy and checkout through paypal.

How to Register


How to Download Apps: Click on "Fun Downloads", Select a game you want to download. When on the game info page, Click download to download the game.

How to Download apps

How to Read Articles: To read articles, click on "Activities & Crafts", Then select a news article you want to read.

How to read Articles


Loyalty/Rewards: You can unlock rewards by earning points to level up your account. To know how points are awarded Click Here. The higher your level the better the reward. Your Loyalty Points will be spent should you choose to redeem your loyalty reward.