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What is Braineez?
- Braineez is an Educational & Gaming site developed with a unique vision.
- The site offers a wide variety of education and fun kid's games as well as downloadable apps. 
- Articles from many different contributors that join the Braineez community.
- The site is only accessible through bought membership and a vetting process is done to ensure our users experience is safe and secure.
- Earn a revenue off your produced and added content, based on the traffic that your content and articles gets (Refer to site terms & conditions)
- Have fun will creating content and interacting with other users.
- We off an exclusive experience that promises lots of learning and fun!

Why become a content contributor?
- For starters you can earn an income from your content, the better the quality your content is and the more readers you get the greater your monthly income.
- We'll take care of all the marketing and billing and re-invest 30% of the sites revenue into a pool that all content contributors share in, based on the engagement of their content as a % of the total.

What are the rules?
- Zero tolerance, 1 strike and your account will be closed, for profanity, violence and inappropriate content and outbound links to websites and external content.
- All published videos need to be set to "Unlisted" on your Youtube channel, they will only be viewable from within Braineez.
-All content and videos need to be original and produced by you, again we have a zero tolerance policy around plagerism.
-No out bound links, other than the link to your website or social media page in your profile section.

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